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Gallery & Café Ogi Nabeshima Fmaily Ten
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Historic samurai residence of Nishikoji Nabeshimba Family

Nishikoji Nabeshimba Family was a part of Ogi feudal domain. The second lord of Ogi feudel domain was Nabeshima Naoyoshi and his son, Motoatsu became the first lord of Nishikoji Nabeshima Family. Until the end of Edo period, Nishikoji Nabeshimba Family inherited the tradition of Yagyusinkage-Ryu, the martial swordplay.

During Edo period, the family’s residence was located at the address “239 Nishikoji”, that is why they were called Nishikoji Nabeshima Family. After the Meiji restoration, the family’s residence moved to the current location. This historic samurai residence was built around 150 years ago. 

Café at Histroic Samurai Residence

In this historic samurai residence, we offer natural and healthy foods. We also sell original souvenirs & gifts. There are many photogenic spots around the residence. Please enjoy the slow time passing with lunch, desert, and enjoyable conversations.

208-2 Ogi-Machi, Ogi-Shi, Saga-Ken 845-0001

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